My name I do work for small offices but specialize in Dentists. Dentists need to be HIPAA compliant. The HIPAA requirements are also good practices for other businesses.

My intention is to provide superior support to a limited number of clients.

You can call me at 510-604-6907

I am based in Sunnyvale, CA.

My intention is to serve a small number of dentists with superior service.

Though this is a new business for me, I have a over a decade of experience, click to see my linkedin profile, and who has endorsed my skills.

I have a variety of services and recommendations. This list does not encompass everything, but it does cover the basics.

What you need:

Someone to call if help is needed:

I provide phone support and give all of my clients my cell phone number.

I provide remote support as needed for cliients on my monthly plan via remote control of your screen.

I provide on site support.


I provide documentation on each visit with my bill. I tell you how long I worked on something, and what I accomplished during that time. This is free after I complete the work on site or via remote.

If additional documentation is needed, ie how the backup system works, I may pull from documentation I have provided in the past to lower the time and cost to you, but I will charge for providing documentation. By charging for documentation, I am incentivized to provide good useful documentation that you can use for years to come.

By providing good documentation, I make it easier to transition to other technicians who may come after me. However providing good documentation is a good service, and necessary for you to run your business. I am not attempting to lock you into my service by being the only one to know your passwords and computer configuration. I want you to use my service because I do good work, and am on your side, providing you good IT advice even when it is not the most profitable option for me.

Monthly plan:

I have a monthly plan to keep your expenses and my income more steady. If you are on my monthly plan, unused time rolls over for up to 3 months.

Bundled with my monthly plans are on site time and remote time that gives you a significant discount on my time. If you choose a plan that is appropriate to your needs, this will significantly reduce your unexpected IT expenses.

I find that Dental offices that I start servicing have been attempting to get their IT person to service them for months, but their IT person is too busy. A monthly fee lets me earn a more steady income from a smaller number of dentists, increasing my availability, so that I will be able to service your issues quickly when you need me.


$120 an hour for on site support, one hour minimum

$60 an hour for remote support, half hour minimum

My intention is to eventually primarily provide remote support for most of my clients. But it may take some time to get there. Some issues can only be solved by someone onsite. I can quickly discern if your staff can be my onsite representative in diagnosing the issue. I also know that your staff have their own job to do, and will waste their time. If needed will be onsite quickly to resolve the issue.

If I need to come on site, I live near by and can arrive promptly. My intention is to have fewer clients so that I will usually be available to service all my clients when you need me.